I have established many contacts within the luxury fashion industry, and nothing is too challenging—often times the solution is in tearing apart the problem. Let me help your business or brand with my knowledge and first-hand experience with clients, to help you understand what your customers want and need.

Examples of how my experience can benefit your brand or business.
Advising on selling ceremonies/customer service standards
Staff training on standards, pinning and altering ready-to-wear, best practices, client development and retention
Advising on store systems and processes
Creating training packages, PDF’s, in-store materials
Client event planning and creation
Assist with hiring teams, such as Personal Shopping
Collection overview and feedback for designer amendments
Wide range of industry contacts to help connect your business with clientele or business leaders

Website design and layout/page advice
Customer experience (UX) advice
Client retention strategy and loyalty
Identifying where your business needs to be more client centric
Connecting your online business with the right brand partners for you—whether you're a retailer or a supplier
Digital experience and general style advice for online platforms
Marketing campaign and strategy advice
Fashion Editorial—both creating and advising on house style
Systems and process planning for in-house tech building
Advising on back-end solutions as well as how to implement them
Advising on work-flow processes, such as order creation, logistics, and fulfilment
Client event planning and creation
Assist with hiring teams, such as digital Personal Shopping

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